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five into three won’t go

April 15, 2009
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So daughter#1 will have to share with Tom, once he finally starts sleeping through the night. Boy/boy would be preferable, but son#1 turns 13 next month and it’s really not fair to subject Tom to that! S#1 is more bedroomly active than D#1: dvds, later nights, intense study of the norwegian leather industry, that sort of thing.

So there’s been a necessity to get some new bedroom furniture for the kids, and think about moving them about. Issue #1 – S#1 has blue room, D#1 has pink room. To swop over requires re-decoration, at least of one of the rooms. We picked up a bargain Ikea bed on ebay, which lead to a most exciting road-trip to the outskirts of Swindon on Monday (note to self: check seller’s whereabouts *before* bidding) – Taking advantage of a day off to look after D#1 while Tom is in nursery, I’ve just finished putting it together, it looks great, but it doesn’t really fit where I’ve put it – that said, it’s too bloody big to turn round (and oh, have I tried), so it’ll have to do. Of course, once we swop the kids to their respective new rooms it’ll have to come apart again. Gah!

Issue #2 is the return leg of the French exchange¬† in June. How much do we get sorted before then and how much do we leave? For some god-forsaken reason we are putting up two girls. It’s all changed since I did French exchange – one English kid, one French kid, they stay at each other’s houses. Now it’s they have to go in pairs and you don’t necessarily get the kid you stayed with before. At least it’s only for 3 days.

Eventually of course, we’ll get the garage turned into a kitchen and turn the kitchen into a bedroom. And then five will go into four perfectly.