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Resurrection…? | October 18, 2011

Today, it’s rumoured, will see the return of the Stone Roses, with a host of dates announced, and possibly an new album.

I’m not sure what to feel. This was the band that, basically, defined what I am today. At 16, on first hearing their album back in 1989, I finally found a direction. While everyone else in my middle class, 99% white grammar school seemed to be listening to NWA, I found, through the Roses, and subsequently through the weekly devouring of the NME and Melody Maker a whole new world and new friends. Everything I’ve done since can be directly linked back to clicking play on my tape recorder and having the start of “I wanna be adored” wash over me.

I missed their great gigs, Blackpool & Ally Pally. Spike Island was too far away for a small town seventeen year old to get to. So I’ve never seen them.

Five long years went by, waiting for a follow up. Second Coming finally arrived. Along with a brand new needle for my stereo to ensure the best listen I could get. Curtains drawn, shut down one sense and the others get stronger and all that. I was, if not disappointed, then slightly underwhelmed.

Then it all fell apart and it felt like the right thing.

And now fifteen years after the band split up we’re waiting for news of a reformation. I’ve seen many bands reform these past few years. From the Happy Mondays (because of a tax bill the size of Canada) to the Pixies (unfinished business and a chance to finally make the money they were due) to Pavement. Some have been great (Pixies, pavement), some have been awful (Happy Mondays).

The jury’s out on the roses. If they’ve done it just for the cash, while not being able to blame them, it’s not going to work. While you feel Reni, Mani & Squire could still just phone in a performance without trying if the chemistry isn’t there it will basically shit over their past reputation.

If they’ve done it because, after 15 years, they’ve rediscovered what made them so very very great back in the late 80s, being best mate scallies that wanted to change the world, then it could be amazing.

It could be, and you’ll excuse me here, what the world is waiting for.

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  1. Got a horrible feeling, even if its well intentioned that it’ll be destroyed by a combination of snark and hype.

    With everything being just so horribly, horribly shit at the moment though, it’s worth a shot.

    Comment by The Lazy Salesman — October 18, 2011 @ 7:10 am

  2. It all depends on the execution. I saw Ian Brown play at Glastonbury 6 years ago and he started his set with a Stone Roses greatest hits selection which was surprisingly well done.

    I hope that they also announce a third album. It would be nice for some decent music to be released by them in time for OMB (aged 4) to discover them at the same age we did.

    Comment by botzarelli — October 18, 2011 @ 9:13 am

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